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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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one licensed gun dealer is currently out of business. >> we need an operating federal firearms license in the district and in the last few days, the administration has been taking a number of steps. i mean really working at trying to help the former ffl relocate. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9news now. >> the mayor says he may find space for the one gun dealer in a d.c. government building. he said that would bring an end to the issue and satisfy the supreme court issue that forces the city to permit registered handguns. good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, july 13th. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here. angie has serious issues. anny has your weather first. >> bring the sunglasses as you're heading out the door and the umbrella. we've got storms coming in later this afternoon. we're talking about still a hot day today. not as hot compared to
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yesterday. still though, humid throughout and quite warm as we're starting off here wednesday morning. here is your day planner for today. all right, temperatures warming up into the lower 90s by 1:00. may see clouds rolling in this afternoon. some of the clouds also could produce thunderstorms late this afternoon. some which could be heavy or severe. temperatures around 93 degrees by 3:00. generally winds will be out of the northwest. they'll still be humid and hot today. currently is 83 degrees in downtown. a toasty morning. leesburg, 77. winchester 79 at this hour. annapolis at 83 degrees at this hour. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. it is quiet out there. clear skies, we'll see lots of sun to start off your day. right now, it is 83 degrees. it feels like 85 out there. dew point at 67 degrees. relative humidity at 58%. we have mostly cloudy conditions at reagan national. other locations coming in at clear conditions.
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highs today, 94. near mid-90s on the high end. other places will be in the lower 90s like frederick, martinsburg and annapolis around 88 degrees today. it looks like also tomorrow. we'll really get some relief in the form of drier air moving in. here's a look at your busy commutes with angie and traffic. >> thank you very much, anny. hello, everybody. we're halfway through the 4:00 hour. it is rare we do this. we're starting things off with the red light because we are dealing with the beltway being shut down, the inner loop and outer loop through tysons corner. our surae chinn is there on the scene. she'll have a live report coming up in a minute. meanwhile, we want to check on other parts of the region. 95 headed northbound, everything is all clear from dumfries up to lorton. continuing on to 395, no problems to report. 66 drivers, this is a situation that could last throughout the morning commute because of that beltway situation through the tysons corner area, you're not able to access the inner loop if you're traveling 66 headed
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eastbound. outer loop is doing ok. on the outer loop, it looks like in maryland, we have construction at kenilworth avenue on the inner loop, you'll find it at new hampshire and university. and then again from ritchie marlboro over to route 5. as we go over to the maps, 95 going southbound at 198. also at 32, work zones with us for the next half hour or so. northbound near the powder mill exit. still ahead, we'll continue to keep you posted on the very latest on the beltway being shut down through tysons corner at 4:40. now over to andrea and mike. >> thanks, angie. we start this morning with breaking news out of fairfax county. both sides of the beltway are closed after power lines fell across the road. >> the sipp closed at route 7. the outer loop is closed at interstate 66. surae chinn is live there in tysons corner. any word on when the beltway will reopen? >> reporter: they said about 30 minutes. they had hoped to open it up by now. it is not working fast enough. we're here at the diversion and
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it is really a mess here. you can see the flashing lights, the back-up already stacked up here as people are being forced off of the outer loop, on to route 7 going west. they make a u-turn, go back, going east. then on to 66 west. then exit on to 495 south. it is complicated. state police know that this is not the best way to get around but this is what they have right now, they're going to try to make it simpler as the minutes go on. but this is a very dangerous situation, too because we've got the cones right here and folks have been ignoring it. they've been going past these cones, some vdot workers almost hit then they turn around going in the opposite direction on the beltway. so, very confusing and some folks are not heeding the warning to stay in their lane, follow the cones, go straight, get off the beltway. that is the situation basically the beltway closed up between the route 7 and 66, a crane working on the highway so the
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pole along with the lines went across all lanes of traffic on the beltway inner loop outer loop. a true mess hoping to get this open in the next half hour by rush hour. but we'll see if that happens. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest. thank you, surae chinn reporting live from that area in tysons corner, virginia. >> opening statements are expected today in the perjury trial of former baseball star roger clemens. >> that's one of the stories making news at 4:35. a jury of ten women and two men was seated for the case yesterday. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using steroids and human growth hormone. if convicted, the seven-time cy young winner could face prison time. florida prosecutors say they will not charge casey anthony's mother with perjury for her testimony during casey's murder trial. they considered it after anthony took the stand saying she searched for information of chloroform on the family computer.
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she originally told police she did not do that. her daughter casey will be released from jail this sunday. today, the body of betty ford will be flown to grand rapids, michigan will she will be interred next to her husband in grand rapids. barbara bush is expected to attend tomorrow's services which come on what would have been gerald ford's 98th birthday. president obama and congressional leaders will be back at it again today trying to reach an agreement on raising the nation's debt limit. democrats and republicans met for a third straight day yesterday, still basically no progress on the deal. and now the president is raising the stakes. he told the "cbs evening news" that millions of social security, veteran and disability checks could be in jeopardy if lawmakers do not raise the debt limit by august 2nd. >> the way it is going to get resolved is if all of us make some compromises and we take a balanced approach that finally deals with this debt and deficit in a serious way. >> the president talks a good
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game but when it comes time to actually putting these issues on the table, making decisions, they can't quite pull the trigger. >> lawmakers must make a deal by next week if there's any hope of passing it in time. with the deadline looming, mitch mcconnell is proposing a back-up plan, allowing the president to raise the limit on his own. two people are in the hospital this morning after a car slammed into them in anne arundel county. this happened just before 9:00 last night at the intersection of richie highway and west early heights road in severna park. emergency crews took the 17 and 18-year-old victims to the hospital with critical injuries. the driver of the car stayed on the scene. no word if any charges will be filed. a man charged in a pipe bombing incident in the potomac is off the hook. he had been accused of putting a bomb in front of the home of his former business partner's mansion. the charges have been dropped. no one was home at the time of the blast.
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prosecutors have not said why they decided against prosecuting him. federal judge vacated the murder conviction of a death sentence of justin wolf. watch was sentenced to death row in 2002 for the murder of daniel petrolly jr. in virginia. the case involved a marijuana ring. the judge said prosecutors denied wolf's constitutional due process rights during the trial. despite the ruling, wolf will likely continue to serve his long prison sentence for a drug conviction. a woman convicted of killing two men while driving under the influence of alcohol could face the next 20 years behind bars. that was the sentence the judge gay jenny mate for killing two men. last year, they were standing on the side of the road in adelphi after a minor accident when police say mate hit them going about 60 miles per hour. both men died instantly. authorities said nate's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. a judge says there is enough evidence to send the
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child abuse case against a politically-connected falls church lawyer to a grand jury. that was the ruling after a probable cause hearing yesterday. mike bal gardner is accused of molesting three of his 10-year- old daughter's friends at sleepovers last month. the grand jury will hear the case july 21st. our time right now, 4:39. at 4:41, netflix is raising prices. we'll tell you how much your subscription will cost now. at 4:58, a maryland native is making history in the marine corps. we'll introduce you to the first woman to ever command paris highlands. >> a quick check on the forecast to get you out the door. -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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good morning. time now, 4:42 on your wednesday morning. grab the sunglasses as you're
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heading out the door and an umbrella. sunny start out there. temperatures in the upper 80s close to 90 by noon. at 5:00, we do have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions and a chance for some isolated storms. some could be heavy or severe. better chances will be to the south of us. here's a look at your traffic with angie. good morning, angie. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. it looks like crews working hard. they were able to do it, folks. with just learned police are opening up both sides of the beltway, the inner loop and the outer loop through tysons corner. this means near exits route 7 and 66 going both ways. going to get your lanes back but expect more delays than usual if you're leaving in the next 15 to 30 minutes. had quite the stackup out there. it will take some time for that to break apart. we'll continue to follow the delays in the next traffic report coming up shortly. now back to you. 4:42. time for the first "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica is here with a look at today's headlines. uncertainty never a good thing in the market. >> never.
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>> it is really about investor worries about the european debt crisis. those have gotten a little bit worse. here's why. ratings agency moodies is downgrading ireland's debt to junk status. that's going to make it more difficult for the struggling country to borrow money. now, dprees is still waiting for european banks to sign off on its rescue package and u.s. investors are also worried italy may be the next country to need financial help. checking the numbers on wall street, dow stands at 12,446, dropped almost 59 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq was off by 20 and the s&p 500 was down by almost 6 points. meantime, house republicans voted to uphold efficiency standards set to take effect early next year. the standards will not ban incandescent bulbs but they'll require them to be more energy efficient. some lawmakers argued such regulations amount to an assault on consumer choice. the light bulb law is expected to save the country $6 billion a year in energy costs starting
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in 2015. netflix is raising prices. they will have to pay at least $16 a month. options has been including both options. that started at $10 a month. it is the first time they haven't bundled online streaming with its plan since they began sending video over high-speed internet connections back in 2007. customers are not happy about this to say the least there. is an open outcry about this price hike! >> they give you the teaser rate and then they go wacko! >> business has gone gangbusters. they figure we'll charge a little bit more for it. >> thank you, jess. smoke them if you've got them because two counties in maryland are making it more difficult. >> the burgundy and gold going green. the changes the redskins are announcing today plus anny has a full check on our forecast.
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another hot day but at least we didn't get to triple digits. >> it is psychological.
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>> got up to 97 degrees. >> as you were saying, andrea, not as hot today. still a steamy start to your wednesday morning. bring the suns glas as you're heading out the door and grab the umbrella just in case. here's a look at your day planner for this wednesday. temperatures in the 83 degree range. lots of sun. this afternoon, we'll see some clouds roll in. a chance for some isolated storms. storms could be heavy or severe. places like fredericksburg. now, here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we can see maybe some clouds rolling in. right now, most areas are looking at mostly clear conditions out there. we do have a cold front coming through. behind this cold front is drier air. so, already north of us there in the lower 60s in pennsylvania. eventually, we'll see the colder -- the cooler conditions come through tomorrow. and the drier air. that's why we'll really feel a good relief in the next day.
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3 degrees outside, it is -- 83 degrees outside, a warm and steamy start out there. here is a look at the future cast for today. according to just one model here. this afternoon, maybe some scattered showers starting from the north because as that front comes from the north to south, it will fire off some maybe some active conditions this afternoon. now, we also could see some scattered thunderstorms. some of the storms late this afternoon, early evening could be heavy and maybe even severe. that will continue through tonight and then we'll start to see that drier air coming through. really later tonight once the front passes through, you'll notice the difference, we promise. highs today still warm. if not hot. near mid-90s in downtown. 95 in culpepper. you head north, winchester in the lower 90s. annapolis warming up into the
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upper 80s. it will still be a hot one. it will still be humid. here's your next three days. afternoon evening thunderstorms are possible. some could be heavy. some could be severe. tomorrow, look at that. 84 degrees. just fantastic. it will not be humid thursday. dry and storm-free. friday, temperatures in the mid- 80s. southeasterly breeze. saturday looks like it could be the most unsettled out of the two days. a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. sunday, warm things back up. monday and tuesday, back into the 90s. it is july. we -- the 90s are just around the corner. tuesday, at this point, on tap for upper 90s. we'll have to watch the trend there for some more hot weather. here is a look at your traffic with angie. >> all right, thank you, anny.
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just 11 minutes away from the 5:00 hour, a lot of you probably breathing a sigh of relief after a couple of hours of working the scene out on the outer loop and the inner loop through tysons corner, happy to report after having it shut down for the last couple of hours and thinking they were going to have it shut down throughout the rush hour. they've opened up both lanes in both directions. also 66. as you take the camera over to 66, this is good news for you drivers as well. going eastbound, you're once again. we're watching the congestion we saw earlier break apart nicely. >> let's move it over to 270. drivers headed southbound, no worries past germantown road all the way down to the lane divide. moving the shot over to a real time graphic. we'll take a look at the roadwork lingering on 95. the set-up is near 198. you'll find it around 32. if you're going northbound near powder mill and also near 198. that should be clearing in the next 10 to 15 minutes or so. northeast d.c., here's inbound new york avenue from the times
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building, to bladensburg road, a nice amount of traffic. overall, still moving at speed. a good example of how the district drive is look. still ahead, the dulles toll road, 267 in virginia. angie, thank you. >> a little more good news for commuters. the train had to run on the single track yesterday because the hot weather caused a kink in the track. but metro worked through the night on repairs and had the tracks fixed after 1:00 this morning. the metro silver line project out to dulles airport is facing another hurdle however. fairfax county officials say they're concerned about having to come up with more money for that project. in fact, they told "the washington post" they would like a firm commitment from the state of virginia when it comes to financing. governor bob mcdonnell says he can't do that. fairfax county shouldered more
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of the cost. >> smokers will now have to extinguish their sing receipts in more -- cigarettes in more places. the county council unanimously passed a regulation yesterday banning smoking in common areas of multiple family homes. an amendment allows lighting up within 25 feet of playgrounds. the ban will go into effect next month. the smoking ban is expanding in howard county, too. county executive ken all-man says he will issue an executive order banning smoke at all county parks. the measure would go into effect today. he told "the baltimore sun" the ban is a step toward making howard county the health yers it can be. >> it seems the redskins may be going green. no, we're not talking about new team corals or jerseys. instead, "the washington post" is reporting the team is installing 8,000 solar panels at fedex field. a person with knowledge of the plan says the panels will generate enough electricity to power the stadium through the week and part of game days. the project is scheduled to be completed by the start of the
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season. the redskins are expected to formally announce the plan today. 4:52. before we head to break, it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> where would most adults likely live if they could live somewhere else for one week? is it... the brady bunch house, that would be my choice. we'll read of some your comments from our facebook page.
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lots of sun by 9:00. 83 degrees. at noon for lunch. upper 80s close to 90. a chance for showers. some could be heavy or severe. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the lower 90s by then. right now, mostly -- 82 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and go to angie for traffic. >> appreciate it. we're taking a look at 267, the dulles toll road. tyrannosauruses corner is your alternate -- tysons corner is your alternate this morning.
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i'll have more in my next traffic report at 5:01. the manassas battlefield is offering a new way to take a tour. all you have to do is grab your iphone. a new app is making its debut just in time for the 150th anniversary of the civil war's battle of bull run. it guides visitors through the battleground using audio, video and animated content. by the way, the reenactment of the first battle of manassas will be held july 23rd and 24th. >> a new park has sprung up in northeast washington. it is the planter's grove. the park at its opening ceremonies yesterday and planters as in the peanut company contributed to the project. the second urban park developed by the company. a little less than a month ago, brigadier general lorie reynolds made history, the first woman to serve as commanding general at the marine corps recruit depot.
4:58 am
>> it's been a busy week since brigadier general lorie reynolds took over at paris island, become the first female commanding general in the depot's 96-year history. >> there's definitely the sense of wow. general reynolds doesn't dwell on the wow factor for long. she doesn't consider herself to be a pioneer. just someone who's worked extremely hard. before making her way to the marine corps recruit depot, reynolds served in the marine corps at every level including a year-long deployment to afghanistan where she was the first woman in the corps to command units in a war zone. >> they didn't pick me up as come here, you're the tallest female we've got. you need to be in charge of the battle zone. it was because that was what my job required as the co of the camp. >> while it prides itself on not seeing race or gender, this
4:59 am
accomplishment is garnering the new commanding officer lots of attention. >> i got cards and letters from around the country. congratulating me. is there a possibility to not let those people down? yeah, there is. >> reporter: still, brigadier reynolds has a bigger responsibility, continuing the mission of making marines. >> the bottom line is we're going to have to put out about 20,000 new recruits here every year. that's my priority is in an era of shrinking budgets, how do i maintain a quality and not wear them out. >> on paris island south carolina, evan johnson, wtlc news. >> good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i think if anybody is up to the task, she is. >> here's angie goff. anny hong starts it off weather first in for howard. wednesday morning, a steamy start. bringing out the sunglasses. we'll see lots of sun as you're heading in


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